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Wine Guru

Wine Guru 暢銷天然葡萄酒套裝(5支)

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自然酒的定義就是 unrefined( 不澄清 ) 和 unfiltered ( 不過濾 ),代表釀酒師在種葡萄或製酒過程中沒有過濾或添加任何物質,堅持不加不減的原則,保留葡萄酒的原汁原味。

Wine Guru 的天然酒喝下去有著葡萄和天然酵母交織的微酸口感,清新而層次鮮明。而系列中的紅酒不但入口沒有苦澀味,入口更有一種稍微起泡的清新感覺。

  • 3-5 個工作天到貨
  • 套裝包含  5 瓶天然葡萄酒

Red: Matthieu Barret Petit Ours 2018

100Syrah 葡萄,種植於粘土 - 石灰土壤和相當深的粘土土壤上。這款葡萄酒充滿著黑加侖子和黑莓的新鮮果香。口感比平常更細膩,柔滑和清爽。

100% Syrah, on a clay-limestone soil and a fairly deep clay soil. This is so fresh and juicy with a lot of  blackcurrant and blackberries; The palate offers a more subtle, supple and crunchy syrah than usual.


Rosé: Lammidia Panda 2019

 Moscato晚輕微接觸浸泡)和 Montepulcino(直接壓制)製成,並在鋼桶中放置6個月,介乎桃紅和玫瑰紅的葡萄氣酒,令你無法抗拒:就如一首由 Moscato  Montepulcino 共同編織的交響樂。

Made of Moscato (one night skin contact) and Montepulcino (direct pressed) with 6 months in steel vat. The result is a peachy rosé that you cannot resist: the strong aromaticity of moscato dances in symphony with the freshness and structure of montepulciano. 


Orange: Lammidia Bianco Carbo 2019

用上了歐洲本地的白葡萄 (Trebbiano, Cococciola and Passerina) 釀製,這些葡萄經過了一周的完全碳浸漬浸泡,葡萄酒中恰到好處的酸度和花香在定必令你有所驚喜!

Made of indigenious white grapes (Trebbiano, Cococciola and Passerina), the grapes went through full carbonic maceration for one week. Balsamic and floral notes on the nose with an unexpected acidity.


White: Vins Clément Klur Gentil de Katz 2016

Peach and rose focused potpourri scent on the nose. The palate has great direction and freshness and a rich textured core that almost comes across as oily. The result is a perfect contrast between tangy freshness and rich fruit. Bursting fruit and perfume are countered by zesty citrus. The flavours last and the finish is dry.

Clement Klur produces organic and biodynamic wines, with Alsace’s noble grapes.

Sparkling: Vins Clément Klur Cuvée Meow, Crémant d’Alsace NV

Wine Enthusiast 93+:

"Ripe and exquisitely pure notes of yellow apple perfume on the nose and palate, against a bready, biscuit, rich and complex canvas of autolytic development. Freshness pervades and the very fine, pinprick of mousse makes these flavours unite and sing. The dryness accentuates both purity and precision of this wine. Real class and pedigree shine brightly and are even more evident in the lingering finish"