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Chinese Tea Gallery 華茶館

四季清茶 (75克) | 15茶包 x 5克 | 知性系列

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15茶包 | 每包含有5克原片茶葉


水溫:100-95 °C
沖泡時間:1 - 3 分鐘

先加入 5克 的茶包 , 加入約 300毫升 熱水 , 然後焗 1 至 3 分鐘



先加入 5克 的茶包 , 加入約 500毫升 水 , 於室溫浸泡 1 小時後
放入冰箱 , 等候 4 小時或以上即可


產地: 台灣 

15 tea bags, each tea bag consist of 5 grams of whole-leaf tea for both hot & cold brew.


Water temperature: 100-95 °C
Brewing Time: 1 - 3 min
Brewing Ratio: 5 grams per brew with 300 cc of water

Place 5g of tea sachet into your container. Add 300ml of
100 - 95˚C hot water. Steep for 1 to 3 minutes.


Brewing Time: 4 hours above
Brewing Ratio: 5 grams per brew with 500 cc of water

Place a tea sachet into your container. Add 500ml of water.
Steep in room for 1 hour. Refrigerate for 4 hours before drink.

How to Store Tea Properly:
Avoid storing your tea in a humid area, store it in a dark cabinet, far away from anything with a strong odor, and each tea must have its own container for separation.

Origin: Taiwan